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The management team provides administrative, operational, and programmatic leadership to ensure the organization is equipped to fulfill its mission, vision and values.  As a community governed agency, the Board of Directors set the strategic priorities for the management team to carry out its day to day duties.

Image of Sydney Ferguson

Coordinator, CTS

Sydney Ferguson

Image of Sophie Bart

Director of Quality and Clinical Services

Sophie Bart

Image of Sian Ferguson

Manager of Human Resources

Sian Ferguson

Image of Position Not Filled

Programs Coordinator, Employment and Outreach

Position Not Filled

Image of Maureen Owino

Manager, CAAT

Maureen Owino

Image of Mark Congram

IT Systems Coordinator

Mark Congram

Image of Mandeep Bumbra

Manager, Primary Care

Mandeep Bumbra

Image of Lindsay Windhager

Coordinator, Harm Reduction

Lindsay Windhager

Image of Kim Outten

Coordinator, Pathways to Education

Kim Outten

Image of Josie Ricciardi

Manager, Community Health Workers

Josie Ricciardi

Image of Janienne Foenander

Clinical Admin Coordinator

Janienne Foenander

Image of Emily Callaghan

Manager, Early Years

Emily Callaghan

Image of Alex Vallee

Coordinator, Pathways to Education

Alex Vallee

Image of Ahmad Faisal Qaderi

Director, Finance and Operations

Ahmad Faisal Qaderi

Image of Michele Heath

Director, Community Health Services

Michele Heath

Image of Steven Chuang

Director of Children, Youth and Family Services

Steven Chuang

Image of Sophie Bart

Director of Quality and Clinical Services

Sophie Bart

Image of Paulos Gebreyesus

Executive Director

Paulos Gebreyesus


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