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We are very excited to announce that RPCHC has recently been awarded $205,450 in one-time capital funding from the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This funding is very timely as the Health Centre, which was built in 1998, is now 19 years old and is in need of repair and replacement in a number of areas. This award is to replace the roof membrane, flashing and replace the wall system on our deck area. It will prevent further leaking that has occurred. These funds will also allow us to install additional automatic door openers and controls in our common area washrooms and program spaces. It addresses our ongoing commitment to ensuring our facilities are fully accessible and safe for our clients, staff and visitors.

Our sincere thanks to the Toronto Central LHIN and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for their ongoing support to our programs and services.


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