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In partnership with St. Michael’s Hospital, we offer a Child Development Clinic (CDC) for children ages 0-6 years old.  

After attending the Child Development Clinic, clients will receive individualized referrals to appropriate support services.

A physician referral is required for this service.  Physicians can contact (416)362-0805 ext. 222 to access referral forms and receive further information.

Early Years Special Needs Supports

We provide needs assessments, goal planning, and parent/child coaching to facilitate healthy child development for families whose children have a suspected or identified developmental disability.

Core areas of focus include:

  • Behaviour management
  • Communication skills development
  • Social skills development

Additionally, we support families with service navigation to assist with:

  • Accessing funding resources
  • Inclusion and advocacy within schools
  • Locating accessible and appropriate programming
  • Continuity of care across healthcare professionals

38 Regent Street


Monday to Friday

Service available by appointment.

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Early Abilities Preschool Speech and Language Program

The Early Abilities Preschool Speech and Language Program is a free program that provides support for children with delayed communication skills.  Services are available from birth until children enter school.  A Speech and Language Pathologist works one-to-one with children as well as with parents and caregivers to improve communication skills and to help every child communicate their needs effectively. 

The main goals of the Early Abilities Preschool Speech and Language Program are:

  • The promotion of optimal development of speech, language, and communication skills
  • Improving children’s self-esteem and confidence
  •  Building school readiness skills
  • Decreasing communication-based frustration and accompanying behavioural challenges

A referral is required for this service.  For further information, please call (416) 362-0805 ext. 222

Services are available at 38 Regent Street on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


38 Regent Street


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday


(416) 362-0805 ext. 222

Occupational Therapy

We provide access to Occupational Therapy (OT) services to support children ages 0-6 in developing appropriate fine and gross motor skills so that they can perform daily living tasks in their home and school environments. 

 We provide assessment, coaching, and consultation for families to individualize recommendations and meet the needs of children and their families.

OT services are available by appointment Mondays and Tuesday at 38 Regent Street.


38 Regent Street


Monday and Tuesday

Service available by appointment.


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