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In partnership with the Community Resource Centre (CRC), we offer our Come Dine With Me to families with children residing in Regent Park.

On the first Saturday of every month, we invite families to join us for an opportunity to share food, socialize, and learn about the customs and cultures of our neighbours. 

Additionally, we offer support for families who need referrals to Social Work, Child and Family Advocacy, or other EarlyON services on an as-needed basis when attending Come Dine With Me.

This is a drop-in program, located at 40 Oak Street from 10 am – 1 pm on the first Saturday of each month.  

Further information is available by contacting Anisa or Varinia, at (416)362-0805 ext. 223 or ext. 232


40 Oak Street


First Saturday of each month 10 am to 1 pm


Anisa or Varinia (416) 362-0805 ext. 223 or ext. 232

This is a drop-in program

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Pre- and Perinatal Program Education

In partnership with St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto Public Health, St. Stephen’s Settlement Services, and the Toronto Book Bank, we are proud to offer Canada Prenatal Nutrition Programs.  We aim to provide a supportive, caring environment to help nurture relationships between parents-to-be, parents of infants, and babies 8 months and under.  This group provides on-site nutritional support, childcare for older siblings, and some care-package materials as needed/available.  Everyone is welcome, and we support parents of all ages.  We encourage parents/guardians of all genders into our inclusive programming.

Pre- and Perinatal services are available to families expecting children, or who have a child within the past 8 months.  These services focus on supporting, educating, and empowering new parents in the following areas:

  • Pre and Perinatal nutrition for children, parents, and families
  • Building awareness and supporting referrals to available services and supports
  • Preventing isolation for families with new children
  • Service navigation supports
  • Education and capacity building for families regarding infant development and mental health

For further information, and to register for upcoming sessions, please contact: (416)362-0805 ext. 222


(416) 362-0805 ext. 222


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