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The JOBS4U program helps all youth (aged 15 to 30) to navigate through the labour market and to successfully transition into sustained employment. These objectives are attained by supporting the needs of all youth, especially youth facing barriers to knowledge and networks through education, skills development, and meaningful work experiences.

The JOBS4U will provide the Employment Services and Employment Skills Training Interventions (4 to 6 weeks workshops) or Accredited Skills Training (for up to 12 weeks). This will be followed by Quality Employment Opportunity for 8 weeks. With these quality opportunities the youth will be able to develop and enhance employability and occupational skills through practical on-the-job employment. Each youth/participant will further gain experience and skills based on the goals, interest and abilities.


585 Dundas Street East, 2nd floor, Suite 230

Daniels Spectrum Building


Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Madison Martin (416 )830-7500
Career Development Counsellor

Group of friends taking a selfie

Additionally, the JOBS4U will provide an on-going assessment platform and an enriched support to all youth, with continued case management – This includes, immediate and wrap-around support for the benefit and success of all individual.


Abdullahi Sulaiman (416) 839-0704
Career Development Counsellor


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