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The Toronto Community Hepatitis C Program (TCHCP) is a partnership between South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Regent Park Community Health Centre and Sherbourne Health Centre.

The program was established in 2006 to assist people living with Hepatitis C, who use drugs and/or alcohol, and/or have mental health issues, and/or HIV/HCV co-infection, and who have had difficulty accessing Hep C treatment and care. It is an interdisciplinary program offering medical care, treatment, support, and education all under one roof. We work within a holistic and harm reduction framework.

The program is centred on group support with weekly treatment groups and ongoing education. There are also options to access treatment without attending groups if you prefer.

New treatments for Hep C are very effective with fewer side effects than in the past.  It is also now available for people on OW and ODSP.

If you want treatment for Hep C, we will work with you to figure out the rest. Please call the Central Intake Line or get in touch with Bernadette Lettner, Hep C treatment nurse, at 416.302.5675


Central Intake Line
Bernadette Lettner, Hep C treatment nurse

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